Staff & Volunteers

Whether as paid staff or volunteers, individuals are what keep a community radio station going and increasing involvement in broadcasting is one of the sector's guiding principles.

There are 26,700 volunteers across Australia giving time to their local station.

Staffing arrangements vary significantly station to station and will often depend on station priorities and resourcing. 

Roles at a community broadcasting organisation can be roughly defined under the following categories:

  • Management
  • Administration
  • Presentation/Production
  • Technical
  • Sponsorship/Media sales

In this section, you'll find a growing catalogue of information for community broadcasting organisations in relation to engaging volunteers and staff.

The eSafety Commissioner has released new resources, to help media organisations provide stronger protections for their journalists from the increasing levels of online abuse they get in the course of doing their work.

Information on managing COVID-19 vaccination requirements at your station

Volunteering Australia has launched an online Volunteering Resource Hub to help anyone who helps manage, lead or coordinate volunteers.

Staff salaries should be appropriate for the work and should be considered in the context of the organisation's activities and purposes.

Volunteers are the backbone of the not-for-profit sector, helping to deliver critical services to vulnerable groups in our community. 

Resources to help make it easier for people with disabilities to be involved in your station.

Presenting your case for volunteering and outlining what support your station can offer new volunteers. 

Updated resources to make volunteer recruitment safe and simple.

Research by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) shows 48% of women working in media have experienced intimidation, abuse or sexual harassment in the workplace and this troubling statistic hasn't changed much over the last two decades. What can your station do to create a safe station environment?

How to retain and reward staff and volunteers.

How the CBAA can help

CBAA members can access HR support by way of forms, policies, contracts and agreements for use in their stations. Find out more.