NFP Law - National Volunteer Guide

Volunteers are the backbone of the not-for-profit sector, helping to deliver critical services to vulnerable groups in our community. 

NFP Law is a specialist legal service for community organisations, a program of Justice Connect, a social justice organisation and community legal service and is itself a not-for-profit community organisation and registered charity.

NFP Law have produced a National Volunteer Guide for use by volunteer involving organisations across Australia. It provides an overview of the key legal obligations organisations owe volunteers and provides practical examples, template documents and tips to assist in their understanding.

The Guide is divided into six parts and covers the following key issues: 

  • Glossary of common terms and overview
  • Understanding the legal differences between a volunteer, employee and independent contractor 
  • Understanding your organisation's legal obligations in relation to the safety of its volunteers
  • Protecting volunteers and other people your volunteers are interacting with from unlawful workplace behaviour
  • Recruiting, inducting, managing performance and ending the volunteer relationship, and
  • Organisational issues applicable to volunteers. 
The National Volunteer Guide is available to download here