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Helen Henry, 19th December 2016

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has approved the transfer of Radio Adelaide's licence.

Food For Thought

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

Genetically Modified Organisms: the future of agricultural production or frakenfood? In this feature, Sarah Martin investigates why it is that GMOs push our buttons.

The Permission To Speak team developing their work

Lachlan Wyllie, 14th October 2016

How do we talk about our relationships with our parents, with our kids? And can we turn these experiences into art? This feature puts a much-needed spotlight on the impossibly complex topic of parent-child relationships.

2016 CBAA Community Radio Awards

Helen Henry, 26th July 2016

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) today announced the finalists in the 2016 CBAA Community Radio Awards, a national awards program recognising excellence in community broadcasting.

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Helen Henry, 28th June 2016

​Radio Adelaide Chairman Iain Evans is excited to announce experienced radio and media identity Rob Popplestone as the new General Manager of Radio Adelaide.

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Helen Henry, 3rd March 2016

On 19 February, it was announced by the The University of Adelaide that it would enter an agreement with Fresh 92.7 to secure a future for Radio Adelaide as an independent community radio station.

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Helen Henry, 29th January 2016

Radio Adelaide has provided an update about the station's future.

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Helen Henry, 2nd December 2015

Radio Adelaide, Australia’s longest running community radio station, is calling upon supporters to speak out, before it’s too late.

Image by Lisa Burns for Cathedral of a Thousand Stars Doco

eramsay, 23rd September 2015

The desert seems like an unlikely place for things to grow, but they do… you just have to look a little bit harder to find them.

I, the Many; We, the One

eramsay, 18th September 2015

Welcome to the world of Multiple Personalities, or ‘multiples’ for short.

2015 CBAA Community Radio Awards

Helen Henry, 27th August 2015

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia today congratulates finalists in the 2015 CBAA Community Radio Awards.

National Features and Documentary Series logo

Helen Henry, 28th April 2015

These new and emerging community radio producers have been selected to participate in this year's National Features and Documentary Series.

Amrap Chart Wrap

Amrap, 25th March 2015

Each week, the Amrap Charts show the Top 10 tracks ordered for airplay by community broadcasters through Amrap’s AirIt music distribution service. The Chart Wrap provides weekly analysis and highlights great community radio stations playing Australian music.

Tales from the Well - stories about water, place and memory

CBAA Web Articles., 18th September 2014

Adelaide tap water tastes disgusting.
It’s renowned for being the worst in Australia and people go to great lengths to get good drinking water from anywhere but the tap. I used to get rain water from my Nan's house in the Adelaide hills but she’s moved and I really miss the taste of her old galv tank. It’s a unique flavor that’s quite different from plastic tanks or bottled spring water. I had to find a new source of good drinking water.

Star Observer logo

Emma Ramsay, 12th February 2014

Following its successful launch in 2013, Star Observer Digital is back on air until March 16.

Radio Adelaide 40th Birthday image

enadmin, 25th June 2012

What do Shaun Micallef, Natasha Stott Despoja, Bob Downe and Twilight's Xavier Samuel all have in common?

Adelaide marketplace outside broadcaster

Alex White, 18th April 2011

Adelaide's 6 city wide stations launched their services with outside broadcasts in the central marketplace at 7am on Friday the 15th of April, providing the public with free doughnuts in the shapes of ones and zeros.