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2015 National Features & Documentary Series: Successful Participants Announced

Helen Henry, 28th April 2015

The National Features and Documentary Series aims to encourage storytelling from new and emerging producers around Australia. Individuals were invited to submit their idea for a feature or documentary and, after receiving many wonderful submissions, we're pleased to announce the 12 successful applicants. Congratulations all! These individuals will now undertake mentoring and training with the Community Media Training Organisation to bring their idea to fruition later this year. 

Anna Carlson

4ZZZ, Brisbane

Legal Guardians? The Politics and Ethics of State Care, which will ask whether bureaucracy can ever really care for at-risk young people.  

Stella Glorie

Vision Australia Radio, Melbourne

Blind Book Group, which will focus on the 1st Friday book group, made up of 14 self-described ‘feisty’ blind or vision-impaired women who range in age from 60 to 93. 

Lisa Burns

Radio Adelaide, Adelaide

The Cathedral of A Thousand Stars, a look at an outback church and the woman behind it

Trent Bartlett

Fresh 92.7, Adelaide

When You Are Left Behind, which explores the personal impact of Holden manufacturing shutting down in South Australia.

Britta Jorgensen

Edge Radio 99.3 FM, Hobart

Cracked Open, a look into the campaign against battery hen farming in Tasmania

Meeghan Bell

3MDR, Emerald

Music With A Message - The Protest Song in Australia

Jane Arakawa

2NSB Northside Broadcasting FM 99.3, Chatswood

Radio Pioneer Wound Up The Cat and Put The Clock Out, a feature about Australian's first radio licensee Charles Maclurcan.

Sista Zai Zanda

3CR Community Radio, Fitzroy

We Need NEW Stories, which delves into stories of African-Australian migration, with a focus on middle-class Africans who migrate as international students or skilled professionals.

Jess Fairfax

PBS 106.7 FM, Collingwood

Relation/Expectation, a feature that aims to quest diverse attitudes towards romantic relationships.

Paul Conn

Artsound FM 92.7, Manuka

The Fairlight: an Australian innovation that changes music, which puts a spotlight on the Fairlight synthesiser keyboard of the late 1970s.

Suzanne Reece

Radio Adelaide, North Terrace

Multiplicity - Living With A Split Sense of Self, which will draw from the experiences of people with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Hannah Reich

Triple R, Melbourne

Stand Up Ladies, a journey into Melbourne's open mic comedy scene.

More about the National Features & Documentary Series

The Series was open to anyone who is a volunteer or works at an Australian community radio station and entrants submitted their idea for a radio feature or documentary. The 12 successful participants will receive mentoring and training to bring their documentary or feature to life. They will be paid for their submissions. These will be shared with the community radio sector later in 2015. One participant will receive a CBAA Award for their finished documentary in November 2015.

The 12 participants were selected on the basis that their content will:

  • Expand the diversity of viewpoints and programming choices available, especially those underrepresented in the media.
  • Promote an inclusive and culturally diverse Australia.
  • Support Australian arts, music and culture.
  • Provide a voice for views underrepresented in the mainstream media.

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The National Features and Documentary Series aims to encourage storytelling from new and emerging producers around Australia. All you need to enter is a great idea for a radio feature or documentary. Then, if you're selected, you can receive mentoring and training from the Community Media Training Organisation at no cost and be paid for bringing your feature or documentary idea to fruition.


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