CRN Segments Round 5


Now available to stations is CRN Segments Round 5: 100 new short pieces to drop into your show or between your station's programs.

10 Australian community radio producers have each produced a 10 part series - now ready for airplay. Bring listeners music trivia, comedy, story-telling, guidance for young families, the sounds of space and songs of wildlife, awareness around disability, and much more.

Throughout Round 5, get listeners asking themselves:

Can I tell the difference between the call of a raven and a crow?

Blondie may have been Hangin' On The Telephone, but who wrote it?

Does the Sun make a sound? 

What inspired famous Australian kids authors to read and write?

What's oxytocin and why is it so important in childbirth?

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Grab these segments for use in your show or for access at your station

This content is available to broadcasters subscribed to the Community Radio Network, distributing from 17 July 2017. Get in touch with any questions or to sign up.

CBF LogoProduced with the assistance of the Department of Communications and the Arts via the Community Broadcasting Foundation.



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We all know who released these hits...don’t we?

As a person with disabilities in Australia, what are your legal rights?

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Can you tell the difference between the calls of ravens and crows?

What’s so funny about Seaside?

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Post-war British boarding schools were a combination of Lord of the Flies and Dickens - cruel and rampant.

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