Amrap Pages


Benefits of an Amrap page

Amrap is an incredibly powerful tool for any station. It allows you to 

  • Create Programming timetables
  • Add/remove broadcasts and shows whenever you like
  • Update your playlists to reflect the show

How does it work?

Amrap syncs to your new or existing station website and allows for realtime customisation of your Broadcasts and Programs. 

Station Program Guide

A customisable station program guide widget to manage and promote your programs online.

  • Edit the design and color scheme to make it look how you like.
  • Guide automatically highlights the program that's currently on air.
  • Can display broadcaster names or program description on the guide.
  • It's instantly mobile friendly.
  • Create multiple guides for different services (eg an FM program guide and a separate Digital Radio guide).
  • Use a single program listing across multiple times or guides.
  • Connects directly to Amrap Pages and other RWS widgets to save on web page maintenance in your CMS.

Click to see live versions online:

RWS - 3MDR Amrap PageUse Amrap Pages to create dedicated web pages for your radio programs
  • Program makers can login to edit program info, images, log playlists, find online images, videos and info to match the music they air, and then display and promote music playlists on station websites and social media.
  • Each unique page is displayed in your website but does not require you to create or maintain dedicated web pages in your CMS.
  • Unique links are generated for each program page, episode (unique edition of a radio program) and track on the playlist. Links can be shared to take visitors direct to content.
  • Program page and content links are fully maintainable if you rename a program, remove from guide or change your web CMS.
  • Can embed Amrap Page in Facebook to display there as well as on station website.
  • Connect Twitter to Amrap Page to tweet directly inside your Amrap Page and find artist twitter handles to match music that is aired to notify artists of airplay and link them to your radio program page.
  • Generate playlist reports to track music that's aired across the station and to submit to APRA for airplay reporting.
  • Quick search on every playlist enables visitors to search for artists or tracks across all programs and links to programs that aired content.
  • Third party Radio On Demand services can be synced to enable visitors to listen back to radio program episodes through the program pages

Click to see live versions online:

Use Amrap Pages and the Program Guide to power other Radio Website Services widgets to ensure that content remains up-to-date across your website.

RWS - Mobile

Mobile Friendly Website Widget 

  • Get your station into people's pockets through any smart phone.
  • The Program Guide and Amrap Pages instantly convert to a mobile-friendly interface with a host of features.
  • When people visit your website on a phone they can select the mobile-friendly view.
  • Designed like a phone app to display the most sought-after content within a fingers reach, but unlike apps it requires no downloads or user updates.
  • Can connect to your live stream and radio on demand files. Audio can play in background so users can continue to use phone and browse the web.
  • Choose your default landing page (we recommend your program guide), customise banners, add your own mobile-friendly pages and customise the menu to drive visitors to your most useful web content.
  • Share buttons allow users to share programs, episodes and song info via Facebook and Twitter phone apps.
  • Works on all major smart phones and operating systems including Apple, Samsung, Android and Windows.



Amrap Pages exampleAmrap Pages




















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