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Woodford Folk Festival 2018

Andrew McLellan, 17th December 2018

Tune into the country's biggest folk festival through community radio for 2018!

Courtesy of 4ZZZ and 4EB, community stations around Australia can join in on the Woodford Folk Festival and bring listeners all of the excitement from the 32nd year of south-east Queensland's global festival.

Through the Community Radio Network, over three days hear everything from the festival's street performers, speakers, musicians and punters who make up the wonderful world of Woodford.

Stations can tune in live, record through DDN or download daily for airplay.

Roving reporters and photographers will be the eyes and ears on the ground for a different kind of festival experience. Check out the lineup here!

Broadcast Date and Time Duration
Woodford Day 1

Saturday 29 December

16:00 AEDT (NSW-time)

Woodford Day 2

Sunday 30 December

16:00 AEDT (NSW-time)

Woodford Day 3

Monday 31 December

15:04 AEDT (NSW-time)

Woodford repeats

Wednesday 2 January

Extras 1: 13:04 AEDT

Extras 2: 14:04 AEDT

Wednesday 9 January

Extras 1: 13:04 AEDT

3 x 55'50
Amrap has also put together a Woodford 2018 playlist for broadcasters looking forward to getting into the festival spirit!
For CRN subscribers:
  • Woodford Folk Festival 2018 (3 parts x 55'50) broadcasts daily 29 to 31 Dec, times above
  • Will also be emailed to stations daily - write to to confirm this distribution
  • Available for DDN capture and download, capturing to stations ordering 'Extras 1' as Woodford Folk Festival 2017_Part #.wav
  • For more information contact CRN staff on 02 9310 2999 or email

Not a CRN subscriber, but want to find out more about getting content like this for your station? Read more here.

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4ZZZ and 4EB are again bringing stations three days of specials via the CRN.


4ZZZ is again packing its top broadcasters into a van or two and sending them off to the Woodford Folk Festival so they can bring you the best treats that the festival has to offer.


Brought to you this year by a team of reporters from 4ZZZ, 4EB and Noosa FM, we present the very best of the 30th Woodford Folk Festival, with three hour-long specials available for local broadcast through the Community Radio Network.