CBAA Webinar: Project Management - Tools and Resources

WEBINAR: Project Management Tools and Resources - 13 October 2020

Danny Chifley, 1st October 2020
Tools, technology and trends to ensure that stations are planning for their immediate futures as comprehensively as possible.

Keeping a handle on the various projects underway at your station can be difficult. Community broadcasters need to plan and execute with the restrictions of limited budgets, managing a broad volunteer base and a broad spectrum of projects. Our webinar will teach you how to juggle (from a project management perspective), looking at the principles and best practice of successful project management, including:

  • Project planning: scoping a project
  • Monitoring and controlling the project
  • Evaluating the project
Anna SchinellaPresented by: Anna Schinella - CMTO Trainer

Anna's experience includes long-term involvement with Radio Skid Row as presenter, producer, multicultural broadcast coordinator, President, and Board member. Her Executive Board member experience extends to the wider non-profit community sector including Immigrant Women's Speakout of NSW and Metro Assist (formerly Canterbury Bankstown Migrant Resource Centre). She served as Chair of the CBF Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee, and member of the Sector Investment Advisory Committee.

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This webinar was held at 2:00pm Tuesday 13 October 2020


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The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has released details of who has been appointed to its Board, advisory committees and grant assessors pool.


The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) Board recently appointed David Melzer as Vice-President of the Foundation. David has been involved in broadcasting for more than 20 years - as a volunteer, broadcaster, trainer, manager, board member and consultant in the community broadcasting sector and with the ABC. He has worked as a station manager at remote, regional and metropolitan stations serving general, ethnic, Indigenous and specialist music community interests.


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