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CBF announces new Board, Advisory Committees and Grant Assessors

Helen Henry, 21st June 2016

After receiving over 130 nominations, the Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has announced the members of its Board, advisory committees and grant assessors pool.

The CBF is an independent non-profit funding agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia.

The CBAA congratulates all continuing and new members.

"It is exciting to see such a high calibre collection of people appointed to the CBF's Board, committees and assessor pools. It is pleasing to see the diversity of our sector reflected in these appointments, including, for the first time, a representative from Christian community broadcasting, along with representatives from the remote Indigenous sector. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the CBF and the new appointees," said CBAA Chief Executive Officer Jon Bisset.

Taking effect from 1 July, Board, advisory committee and grant assessor pools are as follows:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance, operation and strategic development of the Foundation. The Board of Directors appointed under the new CBF structure are:

  • Peter Batchelor, President
  • Ellie Rennie
  • Nathaniel Garvin
  • Luchi Santer
  • Bryce Ives
  • Esther Pearce
  • Steve Ahern
  • Teresa Cleary
  • Gregory Vines

Find out more about these board members here.

Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC)

The SIAC provides independent, informed advice on funding objectives, policy and practice, and considers Sector Investment funding processes. The SIAC ensures that funding initiatives and grant programs are consistent with broader strategic intent.

The SIAC members are:

  • Ellie Rennie (Chair)
  • Michelle Brown
  • Anna Schinella
  • Chris Roper
  • Catherine Haridy
  • Cameron Paine
  • Stephen Jolley

Find out more.

Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee

The Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee provides an independent advisory role in grants disbursement and the formulation of funding policy.  It makes funding recommendations on Development & Operations grants which will open for application in 2017.

The members of the Development & Operations GAC are:

  • Anna Schinella (Chair)
  • Michael Taylor
  • Leenie Fabri
  • Jurgen Schaub
  • Michelle White
  • Campbell McNolty

Find out more.

Content Grants Advisory Committee

The Content GAC provides an independent advisory role in grants disbursement and the formulation of funding policy.  It makes funding recommendations on Content grants that will open for application in 2017.

The members of the Content GAC are:

  • Michelle Brown (Chair)
  • Shane Dunlop
  • Libby Jamieson
  • Nicola Joseph
  • San Hoang
  • Rob Meaton
  • Gerry Lyons

Find out more.

Assessor Pool

Together with members of the Grants Advisory Committees, members of the Assessor Pool independently consider, score and provide advice on Content and/or Development & Operational grant applications in accordance with the grant assessment process.  The advice of the assessors is considered by the relevant Grants Advisory Committee.

The full list of Assessor Pool members is available here.

These new roles begin on 1 July. The existing Grants Advisory Committees will continue under transitional arrangements until 30 August.

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The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has released the final results of its Structure and Governance Review.


The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) Board recently appointed David Melzer as Vice-President of the Foundation. David has been involved in broadcasting for more than 20 years - as a volunteer, broadcaster, trainer, manager, board member and consultant in the community broadcasting sector and with the ABC. He has worked as a station manager at remote, regional and metropolitan stations serving general, ethnic, Indigenous and specialist music community interests.


The largest pressure faced by community radio stations is financial. Stations constantly face the reality of how to ensure an adequate operating income in an increasingly competitive mediascape. Van Vuuren (2006c) argues that the extent of the contribution of community media to media democracy in Australia depends largely on how the sector manages commercial pressures. There is a need to ensure more financial stability to allow stations to focus on their primary community-orientated and participatory goals.