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CBF releases results of Structure & Governance Review

Helen Henry, 4th March 2016

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has released the final results of its Structure and Governance Review.

Throughout the Review, the CBAA has been supportive of the need for change, as originally identified by community broadcasters. To ensure sector voices were heard, the CBAA undertook rigorous consultation and evidence-based research to ensure that the proposed changes reflected the best interests of the sector.

As such, the CBAA is pleased to see that recommendations from its December 2015 are reflected in the new structure and governance model. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Retention of the current Transmission Support funding allocation within the proposed General Sustainability and Development Fund.
  • Maintenance of funding eligibility for television producers, with a cap for independent producers. The CBF intends to conduct a trial to evaluate the impact of broadening eligibility and, having previously expressed concerns regarding this, the CBAA will monitor it closely.
  • Stronger recognition of support for operational costs through 'Operations and Development' grants (previously 'Development' grants in the proposed model).
  • Acknowledgement of  suggested criteria for Sector Representative Organisations (SROs) as it relates to their involvement in the Nominations Advisory Group.
  • Enhanced governance arrangements, making sure that CBF governance is reflective of the sector and has the skills to ensure the sector's success.

The CBAA is also pleased to see that the CBF is addressing concerns about a lack of certainty regarding funding levels. The CBAA will consult further with stations about the impact of the proposed changes.

We look forward to continuing to working closely with the CBF throughout the implementation and review of the new model.

Want to learn more about the new model?

The CBF is running a webinar to offer more information and answer questions about this new model. The webinar will run on Thursday, 10 March at 1pm AEDT and you can register now.

2016 Grants

A 2016 CBF grant calendar is available here.

Nominations for voluntary positions in new CBF structure are open now

Nominations are open for multiple roles, including:

  • Board of Directors
  • Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC)
  • Development & Operations Grants Advisory Committee (DOGAC)
  • Content Grants Advisory Committee (CGAC)
  • Assessor Pool

Applications close at 1pm AEST on 4 April, with new roles commencing 1 July.

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