Policies and documents you need for volunteers - CBAA Webinar June 2023

WEBINAR: Policies and Documents You Need For Volunteers

Joshua Cole, 22nd June 2023
This webinar will give an overview of best practices in volunteer management with recommendations on polices and documents to have in place when working with volunteers.
The points of focus wll be:
Volunteer Policy
Code of Conduct
Work Health and Safety
Social Media
Internal and Email Policy
Cyber Security/ data protection
Supervision/ Grievance management
The Centre for Volunteering support services (Volunteer Manager Help Desk, Membership benefits, Knowledgebase resource links, Network participation, Professional development opportunities, reward and recognition of volunteers etc)
Presented by Ayse Dalkic, Project Manager at The Centre for Volunteering
Ayse, in her previous role, started up the formal volunteering processes in Royal Rehab at Ryde. During her tenure, was a twice-recipient for the Excellence in Volunteer Management Award in 2016 and 2021, by The Centre for Volunteering. The Royal Rehab Volunteer Program saw a growth in the number of volunteers from 30 to 300 and the range of volunteering opportunity engagements during 2012 to 2022. Prior to working at Royal Rehab, Ayse was the Fundraising Assistant with Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW. Ayse has a degree in Commerce (Marketing), preferring to use her skills to work in the not-for-profit sector and in delivering best practices in volunteer management.
Catch up on the webinar via CBAA Learning.
This webinar was held at 3:00PM (AEST) Tuesday, 27 June 

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