Air Checking and Talent Development - CBAA Webinar Jul 2023

WEBINAR: Air checking and talent development

Joshua Cole, 3rd July 2023

With about 18,000 community radio volunteers involved in making content every week, one of the biggest challenges for leaders and managers is to nurture and develop on-air talent and content makers.

Using a simple-yet-effective strengths-based system, this session will give you a framework for providing feedback that makes your programmers more confident, your programs more effective for your audience, and help build a team culture at your station.
You will learn skills and receive tools that will take some of the stress out of preparing for and conducting an aircheck, and help you establish a regular, positive feedback loop with your content makers. 
Presented by: Andrea Ho, Discipline Lead of Radio and Podcasting at AFTRSAndrea Ho AFTRS

Andrea joined AFTRS from the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, where she was the Director of Education. Andrea started her radio career at 3RRR, and has held numerous leadership roles, including Head of Planning at ABC Regional and Local, Manager of ABC Radio Canberra and of ABC Radio Hobart, Founder and co-director of the Economic Media Centre, and Manager of community radio station TUNE FM. Andrea also led ABC Radio’s strategic work on diversity, and you may still occasionally hear her on air on ABC Radio Sydney. 


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This webinar was held at 3:00PM (AEST) Tuesday, 4 July 

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*Past webinar, click through to watch recording*

There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to pursue a radio career, and this session will explore numerous pathways you can take into a paid career in media. 


*Past webinar, click through to watch recording*

Community radio listeners often tune in to hear local news and information. So how can stations without a newsroom or a team of journalists provide more current affairs content? Or how can an individual program maker get started with making this sort of content?   


AFTRS Industry Certificate: Radio Content, Management and Leadership - starts 29 April, 24 weeks, online and one weekend at AFTRS in Sydney.