SYN on what it means to win a CBAA Award

Alex Crerar, 13th July 2021

The CBAA Community Radio Awards allow stations and members of the community radio sector the opportunity to highlight the incredible achievements of their stations and those who work tirelessly to put programs on air.

This year, the CBAA highlights previous winners to showcase what it means to be part of the Awards and what winning an Award can mean for your station. 

We asked Erin Dick, of SYN, who won the Excellence in Digtal Media Award, a few questions about the station's achievements. 

Tell us a little bit about SYN.

SYN is a youth-run community that empowers young people through media making. We broadcast on 90.7FM in Melbourne and Geelong, DAB+ and online, in addition to a variety of screen, podcast and online content. We believe young people should be creators, not just consumers of media.

SYN's content is produced by over 500 volunteers and students. Our flagship and seasonal programming, TV programs, podcasts and online content are created and guided by our Leadership Team of volunteer Managers and Executive Producers. SYN also empowers young people to participate with their schools and community groups through our social enterprise, SYN Media Learning.

Erin Dick (she/they) is the Content Coordinator at SYN Media. She works across a range of digital platforms, empowering young people to make content that matters to them. Erin works closely with SYN's Leadership Team to provide content support, professional development opportunities and strategic direction. Erin is currently overseeing the second year of the CBAA award-winning Podcast Incubator program.

You were the winner of the Excellence in Digital Media Award, what did receiving this award mean to you and your station?

The Podcast Incubator was a brand new concept at SYN, developed by Lindsey Green (SYN's former Content Manager) and brought to life by a team of now-established young media makers and their industry mentors. We saw an increasing demand for podcasting opportunities here at SYN, reflecting the booming popularity of the medium. With tailored training and support, the producers selected from this program went on to make exceptional narrative stories, audio dramas and interview podcasts that voice the opinions and feelings of young people today. 

We were so proud to receive this award for the inaugural year of our Podcast Incubator program. Seeing the hard work of our podcast producers recognised and their creativity and innovation celebrated on a national scale, reinforced to us how critical it is for young people to be leading the way in the media industry. 

Since winning the Award what new opportunities have opened up for your station? 

We were fortunate enough to receive a second round of funding for this program from the Community Broadcasting Foundation, which is currently in progress. More young people have so far been able to benefit from production workshops and industry mentors, with their projects now under construction, thanks to the CBF. 

The program received recognition from media outlets across the country, including Radio Today. Our inaugural program participants have continued to thrive at SYN and elsewhere in the media industry. Their podcasts remain benchmarks for what can be achieved by the incredible young people who make SYN's heart beat. 

What advice would you have for stations thinking of entering the 2021 Awards?

Go for it! The community media sector is a very special community to be a part of. The CBAA Awards are a celebration of everything that makes community media great, and an opportunity to connect with other passionate media makers and essential voices. Regardless of size, location or speciality, every station matters!

Will you be participating in the 2021 Awards, and if so in which categories?

Yes! At the moment, we're looking to apply for Excellence in Training or Excellence in Community Engagement for our new online Induction training, among others.


Want to celebrate your station? Enter the 2021 CBAA Awards now! 

Entries open until August 15.

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