Kidding Around

Kidding Around: Kids creating community radio

Helen Henry, 11th April 2016

Community broadcasting creates opportunities for a incredibly diverse group of people to get involved in media making, including young people like Dylan, Elliot and Tim.

They're three ordinary 12 year old school boys, but when their powers combine, they become Kidding Around, the voices behind an exciting selection of three-minute random comedy radio segments.

Produced by Katie Staples, Pulse 94.1 Wollongong, the Kidding Around series is available to community radio program makers across Australia who are subscribed to the Community Radio Network. It's a great fit for kids shows, drive time shows where kids might be listening from the back seat of the car, or just about any time broadcasters want to add light-hearted fun to their programs. The series covers everything from cartoons and games to school and prank calls.

As Dylan stated,

"It's not a show for the very serious adult, but boy if you want to have fun this is the place to have it." 

Kidding Around was created for the CRN Segments initiative. If you want to find out more about using these and other series of segments, contact CRN

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Twice a year CRN seeks short series for station distribution that can be used as drop-in content during magazine programming. On the successful completion of a 10-part series of segments producers are paid $500! Applications are now open until 30 September.


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