It’s time to talk about money – and how to get it!

enadmin, 19th November 2011

Is it possible to make $50 million dollars for your station in five years? Rob Molhoek, the Sales Manager of Hope Media seems to think so.

He says it’s all about working together with other stations, sharing ideas and resources, knowing how to price for your market and ultimately understanding how radio works.

Listen to his presentation from the Developing Your Sponsor Base workshop here.

You can also download his Powerpoint presentation here.

Claire Stuchbery from 4PeopleMedia also has some interesting thoughts on how best to keep sponsors happy and keep them coming back to your station.

In terms of campaigns, she’s found long term ones to be more effective for sponsors.

“If you hear it every day on your favourite show or as you drive into work every day or every few days then it’s really likely to stick in your mind a lot more and the next time you’re Googling a company for a particular thing, they’re the ones that are going to come to mind first,” Claire says.

But that’s not to say short term campaigns aren’t effective for events with a deadline.

You can listen to her presentation here.

Lee Hubber from I&G Media speaks about how to get large agencies on board as clients.

He says the best way is to target their local representative. Once you get them on side, they’ll then take it to their national office and you have more of a chance of gaining sponsorship through them.

He also says to remember selling is personal – companies buy you, not the radio station. So make sure you make a good impression.

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