SYN launches over 50 hours of new programming

enadmin, 5th February 2013

From Monday 4 February audiences who tune in to SYN on 90.7FM, digital radio and online will hear a brand new suite of radio programming.

SYN provides training and broadcast opportunities to over 1000 people aged 12 to 26 every year, rotating its radio programming grid every three months to ensure maximum access for young people to get involved.

Highlights of SYN's first radio season for the year include:

  • Sects, Cults & Mind Control: Taking an in-depth looking at how cults work. From Heaven's Gate to Jonestown, Sects, Cults & Mind Control plans to explore and discuss the abnormal and bizarre movements that are cults. How do they recruit their followers? What techniques do they use? All these answers and more, 4-5pm Saturdays on SYN.
  • The Advice Line: Are you sick of trying to find that perfect someone that will listen to your problems and help you find a solution? The Advice Line changes all that. From what shoes are appropriate to wear in quicksand to the correct number of Holy Mary's to say in an exorcism. Kit and Alex plan to answer and advise you in all areas of life, big or small, 3-4pm Fridays on SYN.
  • Literarily Awesome: From French existentialism to Petrarchan sonnets, Literarily Awesome discuses poetry, its evolution over time and its relevance today. Featuring live performances by local written and spoken word artists every week, Literarily Awesome plans to explore Melbournes written word scene. 9-10pm Wednesdays on SYN.

Another big change to the line up is SYN's under 18 program Objection, which has been extended from five days a week to seven in a move that will give more school-aged broadcasters the chance to make radio.

SYN will also extend its regular news bulletins with a 20 minute news update at 4pm on weekdays to lead into current affairs program Panorama.

SYN Acting Radio Manager Declan Kelly is excited about the line up and says it's a great way to kick start the year.

"This season's programming shows the real diversity that is present everyday at SYN. On no other station could you successfully have basketball, Tarot reading and Japanese pop music all working so well next to each other," says Kelly.

The full programming grid will be published from Monday.

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Radio programming at SYN rotates every three months to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to make radio.


How is media convergence impacting on established, ‘broadcast-era’ community media? This paper takes SYN (a community radio licensee in Melbourne) as a case study and employs media ethnography and policy analysis to identify contemporary challenges facing community media.

Community media requires a different approach to convergence than that which is commonly associated with the professional creative industries. In the community sphere, convergence is led by members and encouraged through open, participative processes. The ‘open source organisation’ is proposed here as a useful way of thinking through the challenges of convergence and the limitations of Australia’s existing communications policy framework.