Peter Crick 2ARM Station President and Former Co-manager, broadcasting outdoors at Armidale Show

Vale Peter Throne Crick, 1951-2023

Joshua Cole, 16th May 2023

The CBAA was saddened to hear of the passing of Peter Crick, the President and former co-manager of Armidale community radio station 2ARMFM, in March this year.

CBAA CEO Jon Bisset said, "Peter's contributions to 2ARMFM and the community radio sector were immeasurable. He will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of working with him."

His colleague, the Manager of 2ARMFM, Rob Richardson said that Peter was an integral part of the station and a source of knowledge and wisdom that will be missed.

He recently shared the following eulogy for Peter, which was given on-air by Michael Kean, now President of 2ARMFM and also the station's technical manager.

"I’m Mike Kean, the Tech Guy from 2ARM.

I’ve worked alongside Peter since mid 2018, helping him in our mutual goal to progress the station through the years, though to be honest he did most of the work.

Peter was always available via Messenger whenever I had a question, and it was a great comfort to know he was at the other end of the keyboard whenever there was a question about what sponsor announcements or programs should be played when.

Of course, sometimes texting wasn’t enough, and we’d have to book a phone call. I say book a phone call because rarely did a call last less than an hour! Good thing he didn’t mind the noise of me washing the dishes at the end of the day while we chatted about all things 2ARM, as well as things beyond.

Since his passing, I’ve heard from a number of our presenters about how caring and concerned he was for them. He helped introduce some new presenters over the years, including some refugees from other stations that were victims of restructuring. Behind his occasionally tough headmaster exterior, he had a heart of gold; and people were what mattered most. Fairness also mattered.

His other true love, of course, was music; and sharing the history of it. He seemed to know every artist ever known to man. He presented more than eight hours every week without fail – and even when he was ill or away he’d make sure Zara, the station computer, had a pre-recorded program ready.

Zara used to have a deadline of 11:30pm Sunday night for him to feed her his Monday morning program, and I’d often get a message saying “I’m not gonna be able to make the deadline”. This meant I would need to manually update Zara the next morning. I’m not sure if Peter ever actually slept!

On behalf of 2ARM and it’s presenters and committee, I would like to thank our life member, Peter Crick, for all his many years of hard work behind the scenes, and behind the microphone; as well as his care and compassion for the station and it’s people. He has played a pivotal role in the success and improvements of the station over the last several years. We all thank Terrie for sharing him with us, and wish you the strength to get through this difficult time.

I also thank Peter, personally, for being a true and trusted friend."

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