Federal Budget 2018 live analysis

amclellan, 2nd May 2018

This budget night, a consortium of community radio reporters will return to the 2018 Federal Budget Lockup.

Presented by The Wire Independent Current Affairs, stations 2SERCAAMA, ArtSound FM and Radio Adelaide are collaborating to bring listeners detailed analysis around Australia on the Community Radio Network.

Expect focus on key areas affecting our communities including Indigenous affairs, Welfare/Social Services, Education and Communications.   

CRN subscribers can check out the live broadcast times for CRN-2 below.

Opt in/out points for sponsorship and IDs appear before each half-hour. Precorded segments perfect for breakfast and drive programs are available following the live broadcast.

Want an interview guest for your talks program?

Correspondents from the Budget Lockup are available to be interviewed on your station the night of or the following day. If your station is interested, call or write to [email protected].

Tuesday 8 May

(Broadcasting only on CRN-2)

Pre-19:04  Pre-18:34 Pre-17:04 Regular CRN-1 programming and 19:00 AEST NRN bulletin
19:04 18:34 17:04 The Wire (evening repeat)
19:30 19:00 17:30 Treasurer's Budget Speech  
2018 Federal Budget Special
20:00 19:30 18:00 Budget Overview
20:29 19:59 18:29 Opt in/out point (60 sec music fill) 
20:30 20:00 18:30 Detailed Analysis areas (including Indigenous affairs, Welfare/Social Services, Education and Communications)
20:59 20:29 18:59 Opt in/out point (60 sec music fill)
21:00 20:30 19:00 Return to regular CRN-1 programming
Reporting from Canberra will be:
  • Roderick Chambers - EP, The Wire, and On The Money
  • Cheyne Anderson - Presenter of 2SER Budget Night Broadcast, EP - Think: Digital Futures
  • Sarah Elizabeth Martin - Journalist and Producer on The Wire
  • Dr David Bond - 2SER Finance Journalist
  • Dr Nicole Sutton - 2SER Finance Journalist 
  • Kevin Suarez - Journalist on the Wire 
  • Ben Robinson - Finance Journalist
  • James Hughes - Analyst, and Journalist for On The Money
  • Myles Houlbrook-Walk - Journalist, The Wire and 2SER news
  • Miles P. Herbert - Journalist
  • Evangeline Maguire - Journalist 
  • Nick Hodge - Finance Analyst
  • Ollie Henderson - Journalist on the Wire 

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Made possible with the financial assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

For CRN subscribers:
  • Presented for a national audience
  • Broadcasting live on CRN-2 (Channel 631) Tuesday 8 May, 2018
  • Packaged segments available following the live broadcast - email [email protected]
  • For more information contact CRN staff on 02 9310 2999 or email [email protected]
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Budget Night live from Canberra - community-minded analysis for your listeners.


Your station can access live national coverage of the Federal Budget on the evening of Tuesday 12 May, through the Community Radio Network service, thanks to 2SER's On the Money.


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