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CBAA Complaints and Disputes Toolkit Available Now

Joshua Cole, 26th March 2024

The CBAA Complaints and Disputes Toolkit is an invaluable resource for community radio stations aiming to establish or refine a system for managing complaints and disputes efficiently and effectively. This toolkit is crafted to assist stations in implementing a straightforward, transparent process that is both accessible to those wishing to lodge a complaint and compliant with legal and regulatory obligations.

The benefits that the toolkit offers include:

Find the toolkit along with accompanying templates here.

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In particular, this webinar is aimed at complaints officers, and committees and people involved in the management of community radio and television stations. However, any volunteer from a community radio or television station is welcome to attend.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
This webinar provided information to assist community broadcasting board members and managers to understand dispute resolution best practice and how to implement processes and procedures at their station to resolve conflicts effectively and reduce their impact on the wider organisation.


Community radio stations are community services – and should be safe places for all members of each community to come together. But sometimes situations crop up that challenge this social cohesion, and it’s how we handle these that can influence our station’s culture, people’s wellbeing and station ability to broadcast.