The Beat Generation

amclellan, 4th April 2018
Journey with Shayne Locke through The Beat Generation as he looks at music that changed the world.

Broadcast each week on the Community Radio Network, The Beat Generation takes its name from a group of writers working in the 1950s that have inspired much music from the 1960s to today. 

Over a 12 part one-hour series delve into music that has changed our world throughout the years. Find more on their Facebook page.

Protest Years of the '60s

Episode 1 

Distributing Saturday 7 April

It was post World War 2. The Vietnam War had just begun and along with changes in the political ideals people were starting to question their moral ideals as well.

The folk music scene, pioneered by artists like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, lead to a young Bob Dylan to pave the way for The Beat Generation to influence the 1960’s popular counter-culture. This is the Beat Generation's look at the Protest Songs of the 60’s.

Featuring the music of: Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Guy Carawan, Mahalia Jackson, Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkle.

The Age of Aquarius

Episode 2

Distributing Saturday 14 April

It was 1965 and the summer of revolution was about to be replaced with the Summer of Love.

The ideals passed on by the beat generation started to move away from protesting about the outward issues and started to look inward at ourselves.

There was a spiritual revolution happening as the love generation began to take hold and the time that Timothy Leary became the new voice of the Beat Generation with his famous words. Turn On. Tune In.  And Drop Out.

Featuring the music of: The Byrds, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, The Mamas and the Papas. 

Into The Mystic

Episode 3

Distributing Saturday 21 April

America was now the Mecca for the Beat Generation, and gurus from India were leaving their Ashrams to head over to the new country to spread their message of love and salvation through devotion rather than drugs. ​

This week’s Beat Generation, we look at the influence the East had over the west and how the Beat Generation welcomed the Indian teachers with open arms.

Featuring the music of: George Harrison, The Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, Jon Anderson, Alice Coltrane.

The Rise of Progressive Rock

Episode 4

Distributing Saturday 28 April

The 60’s era of protests, freedom of speech and free love started with a bang and when Woodstock happened a shift was occurring. Bands that we thought would be together forever like The Beatles parted ways. 

Amongst the tears and cries of anguish, artists had embraced their spiritual independence and the impact of this provided a lot of elements for a new form of music – progressive rock.

Featuring the music of: The Who, King Crimson, Kansas, Pink Floyd, Masters Apprentices, Yes, Led Zeppelin. 

The Rise of Soul

Episode 5

Distributing Saturday 5 May

It was the end of the 50’s, The Freedom Riders had yet to travel across America and JFK was still working up to the delivery of his famous speech in Washington.

The musicians at the time, white or black that had been inspired by his words and the music of the Freedom Riders came to offer their support. Suddenly the black tones of gospel blues and roots were given a voice and the label, Motown, that had arisen to promote black artists. It was time for the Rise of Soul.

Featuring the music of: Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Richie Havens. 

The Rise of 80’s Music for a Cause

Episode 6

Distributing Saturday 12 May

The 80’s seemed a long way from the 50’s Beat Generation and their ideals of revolution and a new way of living. 

During the protest of Vietnam and the civil rights movement, music played an important part in getting the message across and some would say that artists like Dylan, Seger and Baez were instrumental in swaying public opinion. Music had become the medium that the public looked up to for stability and security. And the 80’s generation needed music to step up again even more than ever.

Featuring the music of: U2, Simple Minds, Sting, Live Aid, David Bowie, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Queen.

The Rise of Hip Hop

Episode 7

Distributing Saturday 19 May

The effect of The Beat Generation was being felt across the world throughout the indigenous community as the 60’s protests against white supremacy gained momentum. 

In the early 70’s violence was spilling into the streets of the Bronx, gangs that were formed to clean up the streets of growing drug problems and restore order eventually turned to violence over cultural and gang land territory.  

Something had to be done to change the focus...and hip hop was the key. 

Featuring the Music of: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Africa Bambaataa, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Coolio, Beastie Boys.

The Rise of Roots, Rasta and Reggae 

Episode 8

Distributing Saturday 26 May

The Beat Generation looks at the rise of reggae and the iconic artists that help build a genre that is rooted deep in the beliefs of the Beat Generation although not influenced by the 50's writers. 

The original Beat Generation poet, Allen Ginsberg and the father of reggae Bob Marley were similar iconic figures of their time yet they seemed poles apart. Both helped change the world perspective on people rights and freedom of speech.

Featuring the music of: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Desmond Decker, Boney M, Matisyahu, Ziggy Marley, Blue King Brown, Michael Franti.

The complete series includes:

Episode 9 - Champions of the Environment
Episode 10 - The Rise and Rise of Conscious Music
Episode 11 - The New Protest Era
Episode 12 - Fighting For The Future
Episode 13 - The Rise of Jazz

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