The Beat Generation

Andrew McLellan, 4th April 2018
Journey with Shayne Locke through The Beat Generation as he looks at music that changed the world.

Coming to the Community Radio Network in April 2018, The Beat Generation takes its name from a group of writers working in the 1950s that have inspired much music from the 1960s to today.

Over a 12 part one-hour series delve into music that has changed our world throughout the years.

Protest Years of the '60s

Episode 1 

Distributing Saturday 7 April

The Beat Generation introduced amazing ideas that challenged the core fabric of society. Authors like Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs would influence our musical, social and spiritual landscape.

It was post-World War II; the American-led war in Vietnam had just begun and people were starting to question their political and moral ideals.

The post war period also saw a folk music scene pioneered by artists like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger give rise to a young Bob Dylan.

The Age of Aquarius

Episode 2

Distributing Saturday 14 April

It was 1965 and a summer of revolution tumbled into the Summer of Love.

Ideals started to move away from outward protesting toward inward discovery: era that became known as the Age of Aquarius. 

A spiritual revolution began to take hold as West met the East, and took interest in transcendental meditation, and psychedlic discovery. Timothy Leary became the new voice of the Beat Generation with his famous words: "Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out."

Disillusioned with the protest era, artists like Bob Dylan and his message of revolution were being replaced with one of self-discovery in the name of peace. Tune In to yourself.

Into The Mystic

Episode 3

Distributing Saturday 21 April

The Summer of Love was coming to an abrupt end. Dropout culture was beginning to unravel and those experimenting with drugs were seeking new sources of inspiration. 

The counterculture the Beats had spawned was diametrically opposed to the anger that was spilling from the Western governments of the time. People were retreating from hatred towards something inward.

Many artists began turning to the East, welcoming Indian teachers with open arms and travelling Into The Mystic.

The Progressive Rock Years

Episode 4

Distributing Saturday 28 April

Woodstock marked a shift in the 1960's era of protest, ideas of freedom of speech and free love.

Bands like The Beatles - artists that had seemed eternal - parted ways. Amongst the tears and cries of anguish, artists had embraced their spiritual independence and the impact of this provided a lot of elements for a new form of music – progressive rock.

Bands restructured themselves to interweave spiritual belief into their music and throw standard songwriting out in the process.

No longer confined by the standard 3 minute radio requirement, progressive rock artists didn’t care about radio airplay. Like the classical artists generations before, it was about the creative process and the final masterpiece. 

The complete series includes:

Episode 5 - The Rise of Soul
Episode 6 - 80’s Bands - Everybody Wants to Save the World
Episode 7 - The Rise of Hip Hop
Episode 8 - Reggae, Roots & Rasta
Episode 9 - Champions of the Environment
Episode 10 - The Rise and Rise of Conscious Music
Episode 11 - The New Protest Era
Episode 12 - Fighting For The Future

Produced by Shayne Locke of ST Media. 

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