Reporting and the portrayal of suicide and mental illness


The Australian Government’s Mindframe National Media Initiative (Mindframe) aims to encourage responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media. 

Mindframe provides valuable resources for those in the media who have any involvement with the reporting or portrayal of suicide and mental illness. The online resources aim to support media professionals ensure that the quality of reporting and portrayal of both suicide and mental illness is sensitive and responsible.

The resources were developed with the assistance of media professionals, suicide and mental health experts and consumer organisations. The aims of the resources are to inform appropriate reporting of suicide and mental illness, to minimise harm and copycat behaviour, and reduce the stigma and discrimination experienced by people with mental illness.

Head to the Mindframe site to get quick reference cards, apps, resources about reporting on child abuse and eating disorders & much more.

Reporting suicide and mental ill-health: A Mindframe resource for media professionals

These guidelines were developed to support safe and accurate media reporting, portrayal and communication of suicide and mental ill-health.

Guidelines on media reporting of severe mental illness in the context of violence and crime

This resource empowers safe and responsible reporting on the issues of mental illness in the context of violence and crime.

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