Engaging and supporting volunteers from the LGBTI community


LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bi, trans and/or intersex) people face unique challenges when working or volunteering that other members of the public may not face.

QLife has put together a series of guides that use plain language to help people understand the complex challenges LGBTI people come across in their lives. Based on first hand information and information from medical and mental health professionals and educators, these guides explore a range of topics from bisexuality to families, coming out, gender diversity and resilience. Check out the full range in order to best understand and support your LGBTI volunteers and employees.

Two guides that are of particular interest to the community broadcasting sector are:

Guide: Rural and Regional

People who live in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia can face unique challenges if they are LGBTI in having a social connection, accessing services and maintaining health and wellbeing.

Guide: Online Environments

Technology and the acceptance of LGBTI people and online safety are key issues facing the LGBTI community. This guide explores these issues and more.