CBAA Webinar - Understanding community radio results

WEBINAR: Understanding community radio results

Jane Liang, 25th July 2023
Being a community broadcaster is a rewarding role, one that often provides a strong and positive connection between the broadcaster and the community.
However, as the media landscape is changing and getting more fragmented with the introduction of new media platforms. The competition for attention has never been more challenging. Understanding the current landscape and the importance of data within it, can help community broadcasters in a variety of ways. 
This webinar will look at:
Understanding the current landscape 
Why community broadcasters need to relay on data. 
Available data sources  
What is the National listener survey
How to use CBAA available tools
Date: 3-4pm AEST Tuesday 1 August 2023
Presented by: Lina Melhem 
Lina Melhem is a research and data professional with 10+ years’ experience. Her background includes customised research, consumer behaviour and media analytics. She has worked with the likes of Channel 7 and Yahoo.  With a vision of empowering strategic decision making through data and research she joined CBAA in the hope of helping our members use data to better connect to their community.
Catch up on the webinar via CBAA Learning.

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Lina is one of the newest members of the CBAA, joining us in a new role to provide support and expertise to ensure that our members and our staff best understand sector data, trends and insights. We welcome Lina to the CBAA and look forward to her working with stations to better understand their audiences!


As the early 21st century society evolves into a hybrid world of digital and physical environments, a new generation of users is traversing seamlessly between online and offline dimensions in these emerging communicative ecologies. This paper explores what happens when young people re-create their human identity in these spaces. How they use the tools of new technologies to capture and share their experiences, and how they represent themselves in relation to the world they live in. We analyse the practices of these users and the changing digital landscapes they occupy to then discuss lessons and potential benefits to strengthen the ability of non-profit and community organisations to engage and interact with young people and other constituents in a Web 2.0 era.


The CBAA is looking for a key contributor to our emerging data & analytics program, growing our understanding of performance and deliver engaging visualisations, dashboards, insights and reporting that analyses and amplifies impact in an evolving and exciting time for audience trends in media.