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WEBINAR: Diversifying Income Streams At Your Station - 12 July 2022

Danny Chifley, 31st May 2022
11:00am (AEST) Tuesday, 12 July 2022
Funding and financial viability represent a perennial challenge for community broadcasters.

While we rely on our traditional streams such as sponsorship, grants, membership and donations, there is so much more we could be doing to maintain financial viability.

Community broadcasting management staff, boards committees and anyone else working in the area of fundraising are invited to join our webinar as we look at:

  • Reviewing your revenue streams – do you have the right mix?
  • Resourcing and capability building for revenue streams
  • Tips to help you consider how to improve what you are doing, or explore alternatives
Deanna Varga - Mayvin GlobalPresented by: Deanna Varga - CEO & Founder of Mayvin Global and an Adjunct Associate Professor with UTS

Mayvin Global works with organisations that need an effective sales strategy, a revenue boost, or benefits from new or revised processes. With 25 years’ experience across NFP, membership based organisations, govt and the corporate world, Deanna is a passionate sales and marketing professional that connects and leverages relationships to inspire change and deliver business growth.

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