Radio play series - December 2014

enadmin, 23rd October 2014

They're back! For our 2014 series of radio plays we're thanking Eastside FM, Bellingen's 2 Triple B FM, FBI Radio, Bay FM, Byron Bay, and the Community Broadcasting Foundation. Check out the line-up.

Wednesday 3 December

A working mother is forced to reconcile different parts of heimager life when an ordinary day turns into something far more shocking. Written and directed by Katie Pollock, produced by Gill Falson.

Home Cooking
An intimate insight into modern relationships that develops a surreal fishy ending. Written by Noelle Janaczewska, directed and produced by Gill Falson

Will play back-to-back in Extras 1 on Wednesday 3 December and record as 1 x 25 minute file. From Eastside FM's Sonic Tales series. Read more.

Wednesday 10 December

Flooded - Stories from a Small Town
Conceived over kitchen tables and on verandahs logoin the small town of Bellingen. The play is a faction, a mixture of fact and fiction, a pastiche of eavesdroppings and pilferings, real characters, memories an anecdotes, woven together to create a drama that is both a radio play and a theatrical event. The four main characters are waiting out the flood on the verandah in a valley, that could be the Thora Valley, on a multiple occupancy called Shangri-La, that does not exist. They are completely fictional and any resemblence to anyone living or dead is entirely coincidental.

No, it's not you. It could be you,but it's not. There are references to our local heroes Carl and Darcy and the last oarsman, George Edwards. The monologue by Mary McNally is based on accounts of the early settlers. There are those who lived through the 1950s flood - Nancy, and her friend Lorris - and others in their 80s and 90s who have seen how the river has changed and how the town has changed with it. You'll find people like them all over rural and remote Australia.

Written by Elizabeth Routledge.

Playing in 2 x 55'50 minute parts, in Extras 1 and Extras 2, on Wednesday 10 December. Produced by Triple B FM, Bellingen. Download promos here. Read more here.

Wednesday 17 December

Kittenbone Bridge
“Doctor? There was another… incident last night. Slogoomeone left a gutted dugong at the foot of my bed, and wrote ‘leave this island’ on the wall in blood. And my clothes were all torn up and covered in urine. That wasn’t you, was it?” Chubby vet school drop-out Barbara accepts a position on a haunted island. Slowly but surely, her excitement turns to suspicion, then to stronger suspicion, then to a primal, white-hot terror. Written and directed by Nicholas Coyle from FBi’s Versus. Read more.

Playing in Extras 1 on Wednesday 17 December - 46 minutes.

Wednesday 24 December

A Chriimagestmas Carol - produced by Tane Matheson for 4MBS.
It's Dickens brought alive, as produced by 4MBS in 2010 and made available across the network for the first time. Acclaimed actor Tama Matheson breathes life into all the characters in A Christmas Carol, from the old, bitter miser Scrooge to Tiny Tim, the sickly and crippled, yet happy boy, best known for his line, "God bless us, every one!"

Playing in Extras 1 on Wednesday 24 December - 44 minutes.


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CRN celebrates the revival of the radio play with the distribution of some great plays during December.