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National Features & Documentary Series 2015 - enter now

CBAA Web Articles., 12th February 2015

The National Features and Documentary Series aims to encourage storytelling from new and emerging producers around Australia. All you need to enter is a great idea for a radio feature or documentary.

Then, if you're selected, you can receive mentoring and training from the Community Media Training Organisation at no cost and be paid for bringing your feature or documentary idea to fruition.


Anyone who is a volunteer or works at an Australian community radio station can submit their idea.

In order to participate, you'll need:

The support of an Australian community radio station.
Access to recording equipment and editing software.
To submit an idea for a feature or documentary that has not been produced and presented publicly in the past on radio, television, the internet (including podcasts), or in a public environment (e.g. gallery, museum, classroom) prior to entering.
To submit an idea for a feature or documentary that is no longer than 28 minutes in duration. Successful entrants will liaise with the CBAA and CMTO to determine the final duration.

Final participants will then be chosen by a selection panel in April 2015. Selected participants will then go through the process of creating their features and documentaries and these will be judged as part of the CBAA's annual Awards.

All selected participants will be paid for their submissions based on the length of their final work ($30 per minute).

Selection Criteria

Decisions will be guided by the CBAA's Community Radio Network programming policy, which stems from the Community Radio Codes of Practice. We seek content that:

Expands the diversity of viewpoints and programming choices available, especially those underrepresented in the media.
Promotes an inclusive and culturally diverse Australia.
Supports Australian arts, music and culture.
Provides a voice for views underrepresented in the mainstream media.

The successful entrants will be selected on the basis of:

Originality of the idea or story
Creative use of sound
Cross-platform potential of the content
Suitability for national broadcast on the Community Radio Network satellite service, and distribution to community stations for replay.

Entries are open now, close 13 March

Apply here. For more information have a look at 2014's work, or contact Community Radio Network staff at the CBAA on 02 9310 2999 or email.

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These new and emerging community radio producers have been selected to participate in this year's National Features and Documentary Series.


The 2021 series is open for applications through April.


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