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Modern Families and the Law

mwalters, 16th June 2015

The last decade has seen a growing acceptance of LGBTI Communities throughout the western world.  Many countries are now embracing LGBTI rights as human rights. In recognition of the one universal law that knows no boarders – LOVE - Australia edges closer to legislating in favour of marriage equality. From the pitfalls of procreation to the perils of same-sex parenthood, navigating Equal Love’s evolving landscape can be a legal minefield for LGBTI people and their families.

Over the next four weeks on the Community Radio Network, JOY 94.9 presents a special Word For Word radio series - Modern Families and The Law. Hosted by award-winning producer and broadcaster Dean Beck, the series explores some of the legal difficulties and complexities faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people when interacting with the laws of the land.

Episode 01 - 18 June       

Co-parenting, Adoption & Foster
We explore issues regarding co-parenting, adoption and foster care with an expert panel consisting of Psychologist Vincent Papaleo, Jacqui Tomlins, Sally Nicholes and her team of expert LGBTI legal consultants.  
Special guests reveal the horrors of what happens when things go wrong and the beauty and love that stems from the miracle of life itself.  
Laws differ in each State and Territory of Australia. This series should be considered as a guide only and should not replace personal advice from a qualified legal professional.

  • Episode 02 - 25 June - Surrogacy and IVF
  • Episode 03 - 2 July - Relationships
  • Episode 04 - 9 July - Children and Gender

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The 12 pieces made for the inaugural Documentary & Features Competition, run by the CBAA and the CMTO, are ready for airtime. These will be available to stations for local broadcast through the CRN programming service in October and November.


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