Matoc Atol, 3ZZZ

Community radio contributes to resilient communities #IVD18

Helen Henry, 5th December 2018

Today is International Volunteers Day – a welcome opportunity to celebrate the contribution of the thousands of people who give their time to community radio across Australia.

Volunteers are part of the community broadcasting sector’s DNA and its contributions to Australian life would not be possible without those who dedicate and donate their time to working on the air and behind the scenes.

Over 25,000 volunteers power the country’s 450+ community radio stations. Their work supports resilient communities through fair and meaningful access to broadcast media and equates to close to $617 million in economic value. Importantly, their efforts mean that authentic voices are engaging in important conversations within and between diverse communities and Australian stories are told and heard.

The CBAA celebrates the work of volunteers in community radio, and last month Matoc Achol from Melbourne’s 3ZZZ (pictured) took out the 2018 CBAA Community Radio Award for Outstanding Volunteer Contribution. Matoc found community radio has a platform for Melbourne’s Sudanese community.

“Volunteering in community radio has given me a voice. I now can share my voice proudly, far and wide. Volunteering makes me feel valued and part of the community. When dedicating my time to volunteer at the station, I know my work there is helping me personally, just as much as I know my work there, is helping others. It helps me grow, mature and develop.”

For those wishing to get involved, find your local stations here.

Find out more about community radio here.

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