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CBAA launches Commit to Community Radio Campaign

Alex White, 8th March 2013

A community radio sector wide campaign has been launched by the CBAA to address a $1.4m funding shortfall in the upcoming budget to support current community digital radio services in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. If the funding shortfall is not addressed the CBAA has advised that community digital radio services in at least two cities will have to be switched off. 

CBAA President Adrian Basso says "any cuts to our digital radio services would be disastrous for media diversity, specialist programming and local and Australian content".

The Commit to Community Radio campaign calls on Minister Conroy and the Government to commit to a digital future for community radio.

The CBAA argues that community broadcasters should be entitled to affordable access to digital radio alongside the national and commercial radio sectors and are not left behind in a digital broadcasting future. 

For more information about the Commit to Community Radio Campaign go to the CBAA website.

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SYN Media has switched off analogue and digital radio services to demonstrate the future of community broadcasting if the Federal Government does not address the shortfall in digital community radio funding.


The Commit to Community Radio campaign launched on 20 February and has so far attracted strong support and gained national media attention. This support continues to grow and the CBAA extends its thanks to all who have signed up to the campaign so far.