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Commit to Community Radio - Join the Campaign

enadmin, 28th February 2013

The Commit to Community Radio campaign launched on 20 February and has so far attracted strong support and gained national media attention. This support continues to grow and the CBAA extends its thanks to all who have signed up to the campaign so far.

The campaign continues to address the shortfall in funding for digital services arising from the Federal Government’s budget of last year. Our goal is to restore necessary funding to keep current services on air and ensure that community radio secures its future on the digital platform. As such, community broadcasters all around the nation are encouraged to spread the word that community broadcasting is a vital component of Australia’s media landscape and must have its future secured. We cannot afford to be left behind.  

We invite stations, sector organisations, volunteers and all interested parties to take part in the campaign to support our digital radio future.

You can join the campaign at The site allows supporters to join up and take actions to support the campaign including sending an email to Minister Conroy and shortly local MPs. The site also has information about the campaign and FAQs. You can also 'like' the campaign on facebook.

The CBAA has a number of resources available to your station to help you spread the word and encourage supporters to sign up, should you wish to take part in the campaign.  These include:

The CBAA thanks you for your ongoing commitment to community radio and hopes you will join us in supporting our digital radio future.

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SYN Media has switched off analogue and digital radio services to demonstrate the future of community broadcasting if the Federal Government does not address the shortfall in digital community radio funding.