CBAA brings community radio to BIGSOUND 2018

Helen Henry, 12th September 2018

Last week, the CBAA held its annual Amrap listening sessions at the BIGSOUND Festival in Brisbane. During a week of workshops, panels and live music showcases, the CBAA was able to facilitate opportunities for musicians, representatives and delegates to establish closer connections with community radio.

BIGSOUND 2018A day of listening sessions at BIGSOUND gave Aussie artists a unique opportunity to engage with community radio Music Directors from around Australia and pitch their latest tunes. Over 65 meetings took place led by station tastemakers Aeron Clark of Edge Radio (Hobart) Simon Winkler from Triple R 102.7FM (Melbourne), 2ser 107.3’s Steph Liong (Sydney), Firas Massouh from PBS 106.7FM (Melbourne) and Liz Ansley of 4ZZZ (Brisbane). Coordinated by Amrap Manager Andrew Khedoori and curated by Lachlan Wyllie with support from Mitch Fuller, the artists involved included Rachael Maria Cox, Candy, Butterfingers, Hachiku and Emma Angesey, to name a few. Along with the chance to gain one-on-one feedback from the Music Directors, the 20+ attending artists and representatives also got the inside scoop on how stations support new Australian music both on-air and online using the CBAA's Amrap services.

Andrew Khedoori was also featured at BIGSOUND’s new Hook-up sessions, an inviting and structured way to meet likeminded folks on specific interests, including radio. Delegates in small, rotating groups were able to ask questions, share ideas and network with music reps from Triple J, Double J, Unearthed, 4ZZZ and the CBAA. 

While in town, some of the team got to drop in on the 4ZZZ studios, with thanks to Andrew Bartlett and Liz Ansley (pictured below).

Visit to 4ZZZ

(L - R: Liz Ansley, Andrew Bartlett, Simon Winkler, Helen Henry, Andrew Khedoori)



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The Amrap team are heading to Brisbane next week for the annual BIGSOUND music conference and festival. Community radio Music Directors from key metro stations will also be making the trip to take part in Amrap facilitated one-on-one listening sessions with artists and a panel on promoting music to community radio.


The CBAA and Amrap will be at music industry conference BIGSOUND in Brisbane, leading a panel focused on how community radio empowers Australian artists, music fans, local scenes and culture. Thursday, 10 September, 3.45pm.


Last week was a big week at BIGSOUND in Brisbane for community broadcasting!