National Features and Documentary Series

Entering the 2021 NFDS - graphic

Danny Chifley, 15th March 2021

*Past webinar, click through to watch recording.*

Providing potential NFDS producers with all of the tools, tips and background information to ensure the best possible proposal submission.


hfriedlander, 21st February 2018

Are you an emerging Australian community radio producer? Apply now to make a docco, get training, national distribution and paid for your work.

CBAA Webinars

hfriedlander, 21st February 2018

The CBAA's National Features & Documentary Series (NFDS) gives new and emerging community radio producers the opportunity to make a radio feature for national distribution, receive mentoring from experienced producers and be paid for their work. All you need to enter is a great idea!

CBAA Webinars

Danny Chifley, 13th January 2017

*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
Find out about the National Features & Documentary Series application process and selection criteria, get tips on what makes a great story for radio and learn how to pitch your story idea.