Tips for using Twitter

Twitter can and should be an integral part of your station's communication and social media strategy.

Twitter is a great place to follow updates from members and organisations form your local community, politicians, other news outlets and of course, other community broadcasters. It's also a great way to easily interact with others, by 'liking' or 're-tweeting' their tweets, or by sending them a personal message. By doing so, it helps keep your station on people's minds. It's also a great way to interact with young audiences, and to increase the skill set of your communication volunteers.

Get a Twitter habit: 5 things to do every day until it sticks

This resource designed by NPR Training gives you an overview of how to use Twitter, how to get the most out of it and it's planning and scheduling buddy TweetDeck, how to interact with others and ideas to make Twitter an invaluable tool for you as a media maker!


Ideas for using TweetDeck as developed by NPR Training. Click through to read more.