Tech Boot Camp for the Non-Technical: What You Need to Know About Your Station's Stuff


As a station manager or committee member, it's your job to validate that grant application, make the financial decision on a tech acquisition, fix the whoosywhatzit in an emergency, and guide the tech team.

If you’re not “tech” inclined, this can leave you feeling in over your head. This presentation, first presented at the 2017 CBAA Conference, aims to help you find out what you don't know, and leave you knowing just enough. It covers phones, studios, transmitters, OBs, air conditioning, and a heap more.

PDF icon John Maizels - Tech Bootcamp.pdf

Presented by John Maizels, Technorama, President and Michelle Brown.

Watch this session!

After the 2017 CBAA Conference, we asked John to host the session as a webinar. You can watch it easily below.