How To Create A Sponsorship Kit


Fresh 92.7 Sponsorship Kit coverYour sponsorship kit can be a prospective sponsor's first introduction to your station and, as they say, first impressions count. Here you'll find tips and examples to get you thinking about your own station's sponsorship materials.

Your sponsorship kit should be short and snappy and show as much tangible information about your audience as possible. Think about what prospective sponsors want to know - how many people you reach, who you reach and how you reach them (on-air only, or also via your website, for example).

Ideally, we want to show:

  • How many people are listening
  • Who they are - demographics etc
  • Your station's relative place in the market
Using Data To Help You Sell Sponsorship

The CBAA conducts a National Listener Survey that provides information about Australia's community radio listening audience. Some of these results are freely available via a series of Area Factsheets. The information in these can be adapted to show sponsors generalised trends about community radio listening in your State or Territory, metro or non-metro region, or city.

There are also additional research options available to stations wishing to get more information about their specific station. 

Download our Fact Sheet below and check out this example of a Sponsorship Kit from Adelaide youth station Fresh 92.7PDF icon Download the Fresh 927 - Station Profile.pdf