Tax Basics and Income Tax for Non-Profit Organisations


Learn about your station's income tax and other tax obligations and entitlements.

Tax Basics for Non-Profit Organisations

A guide to tax issues affecting non-profit organisations including charities, clubs, societies and associations, developed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

Income Tax for Non-Profit Organisations

The Income tax guide for non-profit organisations is developed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and helps non-profit organisations work out if they are exempt from income tax.

Income Tax Exemptions - info and Tax Concessions Guide app

Under the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth) a not-for-profit organisation must pay tax on any 'taxable income', unless it qualifies for an exemption. Find out if your organisation could be eligible for income tax exemption, or remain eligible (if already accessing the income tax exemption) by using the Tax Concessions Guide app, created by Not-for-profit Law.

Income tax status review worksheet for self-assessing non-profit organisations

When was the last time you reviewed your income tax status? Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations should review their income tax status on a regular basis. The ATO recommends you review:

  • once a year
  • when there is a major change to your organisation's structure or activities.