Codes of Practice - Code 1: Our responsibilities in broadcasting to meet our community interest


The Community Radio Codes of Practice (the Codes) set out the guiding principles and policies for programming on community broadcasting stations. They also outline the operational standards for stations that hold a community broadcasting licence.

Purpose: To make sure that community radio stations operate according to the guiding principles and within a framework of sound corporate governance

  1. Each community radio station will be controlled and operated by an independent body that represents its community interest.
  2. We will have in place written corporate governance policies and procedures that support management, financial, and technical operations to meet all legal requirements.
  3. We will have training in place to ensure that everyone is aware of his or her legal obligations and is able to effectively participate in providing the service.
  4. We will have written policy documents in place that outline:
    1. the principles of financial membership,
    2. the rights and responsibilities of financial members within the organisation, and
    3. the rights and responsibilities of the organisation to financial members.

    A register of financial members will also be kept and made available to ACMA on request.

  5. We will have written policies and procedures in place to effectively deal with internal conflict.
  6. We will have policies and procedures in place to handle complaints from our members and volunteers. See Code 7: Complaints for more information.
  7. We will broadcast at least one on-air announcement each week that contains information about the Codes and where listeners can get a copy. A copy of the announcement is to be made available to ACMA on request.