Codes of Practice – Code 5: Australian Music


The Community Radio Codes of Practice (the Codes) set out the guiding principles and policies for programming on community broadcasting stations. They also outline the operational standards for stations that hold a community broadcasting licence.

Purpose: To reflect the commitment of community radio stations to develop Australian music and provide opportunities for performers to have their work regularly broadcast


  1. In selecting Australian music for broadcast in each month we will consider our community interest.
  2. Of all music programming, we will broadcast at least:
    1. 25 per cent of Australian music, except for ethnic and classical music stations, and
    2. 10 per cent of Australian music for ethnic and classical music stations.

    Australian music played is calculated as a percentage of all music played over a calendar month.

  3. The requirements above do not include music used in sponsorship announcements, programs, or station promotions.