Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience - Knowledge Hub


The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) develops, maintains and shares knowledge and learning to support a disaster resilient Australia.

Building on extensive knowledge and experience in Australia and internationally, we work with government, communities, NGOs, not-for-profits, research organisations, education partners and the private sector to enhance disaster resilience through innovative thinking, professional development and knowledge sharing.

To this end, the AIDR has developed the Knowledge Hub, a national platform that supports and informs policy, planning, decision making and contemporary good practice in disaster resilience. Community broadcasters are encouraged to refer to the following handbooks from the Knowledge Hub.

Australian Emergency Management Arrangements

The Australian Emergency Management Arrangements (the Arrangements) are intended to guide Australian governments, non-government organisations, emergency management organisations, agencies, and communities in establishing their emergency management arrangements. They articulate the principles, structures and procedures that support national coordination of emergency management.

Warnings Republishers

This guideline is a companion document to the Public Information and Warnings Handbook. It provides guidance on republishing warnings during emergencies for established emergency broadcasters, individuals and community members and private warning publishers or disseminators. It outlines key considerations for those who may be working with or sharing content for warnings. 

Warning Message Construction: Choosing your words

This guideline is a companion document to the Public Information and Warnings Handbook. It provides guidance on key considerations for writing effective warning messages, a proposed structure for a warning message, specific language to use when constructing messages, and suggestions for constructing warning messages for non-English speaking audiences.

Public Information and Warnings

The effective communication of public information and warnings is a critical element of emergency management, with the power to save lives. This handbook provides insight and guidance to people who have responsibility for communication with the public in the event of an emergency.