How to apply for the Amrap CD Mailout Service

Please note that as of the end of 2023 the Amrap CD Mailout Service will be discontinued. This means that the last mailout will take place in November. Find out more here.

Mailout Fee

This is the only service that Amrap charges a fee for. This is to subsidise packaging and postage costs. Amrap applies a small administrative fee of $65.00 for all clients, plus a charge of $2.20 per disc you have distributed inclusive of GST. So for example the cost of distributing 50 discs is $175.00 ($65.00 admin fee plus $2.20 x 50)

Support Material

Amrap can distribute support material (biographies/media releases etc) for no extra charge if they are:

  • Printed on A4 paper, folded and enclosed within each CD cover, OR
  • Printed on 12 x 12 cm sheet /card and slipped into each CD cover.

Amrap CD Mailout Deadlines - 2023

Once your release has been approved via the initial Request form below, here are some helpful deadlines to keep in mind::

Q = Quote Deadline – Payment/form.
S = Stock Deadline – CDs to arrive at Amrap.
D = Distribution Deadline – CDs go out to stations.


Q: 17/01
S: 24/01
D: 02/02


Q: 14/02
S: 21/02
D: 28/02

Q: 14/03
S: 28/03
D: 04/04




Q: 18/04
S: 27/04
D: 02/05


Q: 16/05
S: 26/05
D: 02/06

Q: 20/06
S: 27/06
D: 04/07



Q: 18/07
S: 25/07
D: 01/08


Q: 22/08
S: 29/08
D: 15/09


Q: 19/09
S: 26/09
D: 03/10



Q: 24/10
S: 31/10
D: 07/11