From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

From the Embers Podcast - Radio Saves The Day - Ep 1


In our first episode of From the Embers podcast we hear the story of how a transistor radio and couple of batteries kept people connected during the bushfires as they listened to the constant emergency alerts. But in between the official messages are the human ones.

Five presenters working across two regions share their experience of the recent Australian summer of fire and what happened when one region’s transmitter went down.

From the Embers, Episode 1 Guests:

  • Kathy Shields -  Eurobodalla Access Radio (2EAR FM)
  • Gordon Waters - Braidwood Community Radio
  • Rod McClure- Braidwood Community Radio
  • Simon Lauder - ABC South East 
  • Jen Hunt - ABC South East

Images from Episode 1.

From the Embers - Images from Moruya and Braidwood regions

(Left) Moruya resident Nick in what's left on his house. (Top Right) Gordan Waters from Braidwood Community Radio
(Bottom Left) Darren Marks (RFS), Rod McClure, Gordon Waters and Violet Wassin.

From the Embers, Episode 1 Credits:

  • Producer - Alice Ansara
  • Executive Producer and Sound Design - Sarah Mashman
  • Production Management Team - Vicky Rouse and Abe Killian
  • Engineering - Tegan Nichols
  • Script Consultation - Zoe Ferguson
  • Theme - Oliver Beard
  • Additional music - Blue Dot Sessions, Rest you Sleeping Giant

This podcast has been brought to you by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia, and is supported by The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas and The Paul Ramsay Foundation.