From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

From the Embers Podcast - Home and Housed - Ep 2


Early data placed the number of wildlife lost in the recent bushfires at over a billion. The impact of Australia’s recent fire season on wildlife has been devastating. Before the fires hit their zenith, wildlife carers and rescuers - some defending their homes and properties at the same time, were stepping up, and strangers from around the world donated time and money, to help Australia’s wildlife.

So what happens to the animals too injured to survive in the wild and how are we helping bring life back to the burnt forests?
A warning to listeners, this episode discusses the loss of wildlife and contains stories of animals in distress and euthanasia.


  • Nick Hopkins
  • Julie Taylor Mills
  • Rachel McInnes
  • Frances Carleton
  • Andrew White

From the Embers - Australian widlife was a heavy casualty of the Australian bushfires of 2019 an 2020

Image: (Left) Wildlife carer Julie Taylor Mills bottlefeeding young joey's, (Right) Baby joey's are placed in joey sacks. (Bottom Right) Widllife volunteers


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