From the Embers Podcast - Stories from the Bushfire Crisis

From the Embers - The Glowing Island - Ep 6


Kangaroo Island is the oldest bee sanctuary in the world and home to one of the last disease-free koala populations in Australia. Episode 6 of the series From the Embers revisits this island blackened by fire. 

At the end of 2019, two lightning strikes lit up the bushland at Flinders Chase National Park, resulting in uncontrollable firestorms that tore across the island at speeds the community had never seen before, scorching the earth and destroying animal habitats. A warning to listeners, this episode contains stories of animals in distress.


  • Kate Welz
  • Sabrina Davis
  • Peter Davis
  • Jayne Bates
  • Dana Mitchell

From the Embers - The Glowing Island - Ep 6


  • Producer: Lisa Burns
  • Executive Producer and Sound Design: Sarah Mashman
  • Production Management Team: Vicky Rouse and Abe Killian
  • Engineering: Tegan Nichols
  • Script Consultation: Zoe Ferguson
  • Theme: Oliver Beard

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