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WEBINAR: How to get more out of your station’s radio content

hfriedlander, 9th July 2017

People access content in so many different ways, from broadcast radio, online audio and video to print and social media, and it’s a challenge to get the most out of what you’re creating and grow your audience. In this webinar, find out how to identify your content strengths, focus your station’s content and volunteers on maximising them and efficiently integrate on air, web simulcast, radio on demand, your website and social media. And, get information on the cost-effective tools you can use to do so including the CBAA’s new Radio On Demand platform and Radio Website Services.

In this webinar you will:
  • Gain knowledge on how community broadcasters can manage their station website and promote their online content through web, social media and mobile phones.
  • Learn how to generate web content that complements your broadcasts
  • Find out more about online tools purpose built for community radio
Who is this for?

Station board, management, music directors, presenters, sponsorship staff, communication officers and producers.

Presented by:

Chelsea Deeley is the Amrap Pages and CD Mailout coordinator at the CBAA, working with hundreds of stations to gather and coordinate music. Chelsea was Music Director at Eastside Radio and still produces and presents a weekly new music program there.

Hosted by CBAA Member Services Officer Danny Chifley.

This webinar was held on Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 6.30pm AEST.


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*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*

In this webinar Amrap will be providing a step-by-step demonstration on how to use your Amrap Page to display your on-air content, online!


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A well-managed music library can help improve your stations’ sound by ensuring presenters have new and high quality music at their fingertips, 24/7.


*Past webinar - click through to view webinar recording*
Building a strong network of relationships with musicians and their representatives can help you raise the profile of your program, get the artists you love involved and reduce program prep time.