WEBINAR: Contribute to current affairs with The Wire - 25 August 2020

Danny Chifley, 14th August 2020
11:00am (AEST) Tuesday 25 August 2020
The Wire is a daily current affairs program, broadcast exclusively on Community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia. It is the flagship national program for the community radio sector since 2004 and is a significant alternative voice in Australian current affairs.

The Wire offers critical coverage, which challenges all points of view, puts issues and events in context and always asks ‘why?’

The editorial policy for The Wire ensures:

  • Accuracy and clarity
  • Fairness and balance
  • Privacy and avoidance of harm
  • Integrity and transparency

A consortium of progressive community broadcasters – Radio Adelaide2SER Sydney and 4EB Brisbane work together to co-ordinate, resource and develop The Wire as a key alternative information source.  

More than 100 community broadcasters are involved as story producers for The Wire in any given year. Our webinar will show you how you can join this team of contributors. 

Presented by: Roderick Chambers - Producer

Roderick joined 2SER as an intern in his final year Masters of Media at the University of Sydney.  Whilst working on another talks program in the newsroom, he was asked to fill in on The Wire, and now can’t imagine life without it. 

He is now totally absorbed by interrogating a story with the new Journalists he supervises. 


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CBAA announced today that Brisbane community radio station 4ZZZ will be contributing content to the sector's flagship current affairs program, The Wire, available via the Community Radio Network. Having established a newsroom 45 years ago when 4ZZZ was founded, the station has always had a focus on local news.


The Wire is a daily current affairs program broadcast exclusively on community and Indigenous radio stations around Australia.


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