State of the Sector Report

State of the Community Radio Sector Report

cbaacomms, 8th May 2019

Welcome the State of the Community Radio Sector Report 2019.

The first of its kind, the State of the Sector report brings together a range of data sources to provide insights into Australia’s largest independent media sector, a key pillar in local broadcasting and internationally recognised example of grassroots media – community broadcasting.

It shows the sector’s important contribution to the diversity, inclusiveness and social cohesion that characterises Australia’s open society and reinforces its cultural vibrancy by:

  • Providing a voice to communities not adequately served by other broadcasters.
  • Giving a platform to a diverse range of viewpoints that enrich our social and cultural fabric and promote media diversity.
  • Providing social inclusion, local community participation and media access in the public interest.
  • Supporting local content production and delivering content tailored to the needs and interest of local communities.

This report encompasses data for a period of significant success and ongoing challenges. With more stations and listeners than ever, it is evident that community radio remains ever important to Australians and provides services that address identified community needs and interests.

View the report here. PDF icon CBAA State of the Community Radio Sector Report 2019.pdf

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Volunteering Australia is celebrating how volunteers are Making a world of difference by acknowledging the almost six million formal volunteers and many others who volunteer informally, and provide immeasurable support in their communities.


The latest research shows that 1 in 4 Australians tune in to community radio each week and spend an average of 17 hours listening.


Commercial media ownership legislation is currently before a Senate Committee for review and, at the end of April, the CBAA will present to the committee on the importance of community radio should proposed changes go ahead.