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Radio Survival Pop Up Service to Launch Nationally

Emma Ramsay, 22nd January 2014

January 26 of each year has many meanings for Australians. First Nations or Aboriginal Australians see the day as our Survival.

A testament to the many battles that have been fought.

A testament to the many people who have gone before us and those that will come after us as we seek true and proper recognition of our place in our country.

Survival Day as we call it is a day where we get together to celebrate our survival.

In 2014 Radio Survival is a digital pop-up broadcast in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Utilising the efforts of 4 First Nations controlled community radio stations on the digital platform, it’s a unique first.

Radio Survival will broadcast from midday to midnight including live crosses across the country to Yabun Festival in Sydney, 98.9fm in Brisbane, Survival Perth 2014 from Noongar Radio and 3 KND in Melbourne including live music, documentaries, interviews and panel discussion.

It’s a celebration of our survival. Its Radio Survival.

Radio Survival will broadcast live January 26th on DAB+ and Community Radio Network. 

For more information and the program schedule please visit the website or contact us via email.

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