Pay for your SYNs 2012

enadmin, 2nd November 2012

Youth run community broadcaster SYN Media has raised $19,500 to upgrade its radio studios and build a third as part of its Pay for your SYNs campaign.

The Pay for your SYNs fundraising campaign ran throughout October, generating support from 236 people and raising $4500 more than the expected target of $15,000.

The $19,500 will supplement the $75,000 already raised by SYN through the support of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and the ANZ Trustees.

With this money, the equipment in SYN’s existing two studios will be replaced and a third studio will be set up. This will enable SYN to broadcast a unique digital signal that will expand on the long-running 90.7FM service.

This project will ensure SYN can continue to offer broadcasting opportunities to young people well past its tenth birthday and into its teenage years.

SYN's alumni were highlighted in an article published in the final week of the campaign (available here). Neil McMahon writes that "...SYN Media's impact runs far deeper than merely having produced the nation's most popular radio and TV duo. Indeed, a run through the list of talent to have emerged from the youth broadcaster's Melbourne studios suggests that if SYN veterans were all to take a day off at once, Australian broadcasting might ground to a temporary halt."

SYN provides training and broadcast opportunities to over 1000 people aged 12 to 26 every year.

For more information contact Tahlia Azaria, SYN General Manager  on 9925 4788 or [email protected].

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Youth run community broadcaster SYN Media is celebrating its tenth year on air with a call for support to upgrade its radio studios and build a third.


Radio programming at SYN rotates every three months to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to make radio.


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