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NSW Government inquiry recognises critical role of community radio

Frieda Lee, 17th August 2022

In May the CBAA made a submission to the NSW Government inquiry into the response to major flooding across New South Wales in 2022. The report released by the committee last week strongly recognises the critical role played by community broadcasters during the floods and made recommendations to the NSW Government on supporting and funding community broadcasters.

The Select Committee on the Response to Major Flooding across New South Wales in 2022 drew heavily on our sector's feedback to recognise the valuable role community broadcasters played in the emergency response, particularly in the Northern Rivers region, where many people were without phone or internet services. 

The committee recommended that the NSW Government work with the community broadcasting sector to identify ways in which community broadcasters could be better supported to provide critical services during natural disasters, with a view to providing them adequate long term funding.

A big thank you Bay FM and River FM for their strong advocacy on behalf of the sector and to all the stations who work so hard for their communities during floods and other natural disasters.

The CBAA will work with the NSW Government to identify the challenges, risks and needs of community broadcasters to ensure critical services remain resilient and on-air during natural disasters, emergencies and in recovery.

Read the Committee's Report here.

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The CBAA has made submissions to the NSW Government on the vital role played by local community broadcasters during the 2022 flooding and other emergencies. 


2022 was a big year in advocacy for the CBAA. We have worked hard to ensure that community broadcasting is front of mind in any government process on emergency management, news, and community resilience. We have cemented strong relationships with policy makers across the political spectrum and secured ongoing funding vital to the sector’s ability to stay on air.

Here is a snapshot of our advocacy efforts and impacts over 2022.


During the 2022 floods, Byron’s Bay FM proved to be a prime example of the way community radio steps up to take care of its community as it became the hub for relief efforts for Byron Shire and beyond.