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Now is the time to secure your stream

Amy Leiper, 1st December 2021

Not all audio streaming is equal. While most community radio stations may have streaming capabilities, not all of them are secure and for those who have secure streaming, many stations are paying more than others.

CBAA has partnered with Triton Digital, a leading international streaming service that manages streams for many recognisable commercial and government brands to provide secure streaming for community radio at an affordable price.

Andrew Morris, CBAA’s Online Services Manager, said, “We are pleased to be able to offer Triton Digital’s expertise and support to our stations, which is available 24/7 with local servers and their support staff based in Sydney. We’ve chosen to work with Triton Digital because we know their reputation and want to offer this world class service and expertise at a price every community radio station can afford. Streaming can be a costly exercise, but the current subsidies from CBF have brought the cost right down.”

Andrew says stations need to plan for the future and position their online assets including their streams so they can make it easier for their listeners to find them. Without a secure stream, your station won't be easily found on smart speakers.

He says, “Radio consumption and how listeners are accessing it is changing rapidly. Listeners of all ages are now using connected devices like mobile phones, smart speakers and in-car apps like Apple Play and Android Auto. It is important to have a sound, reliable, secure stream as well as the analytics data for helpful insights to about their listener base.”

“2022 will be a strategically important year for community radio in Australia with the release of Community Radio Plus, the official app for community broadcasting. We will be rolling out smart speaker skills for the entire community sector that includes Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and Sonos. We want every one of our stations to be ready for this next evolution to make it easier for our listeners to engage with community radio.”

A major benefit of using Triton Digital for streaming is that it provides superior analytics. For stations with sponsorship or who want to plan their programming better, streaming can help by better understanding audiences, where they are listening, and for how long.

CBAA has partnered with Triton Digital for the streaming service to make it easier for community radio stations to transition to this next important stage. Triton Digital provides stations with encoder software installed onto a station PC to encode up to eight services or stations. Triton Digital is committed to providing stations with dedicated 24/7 support globally and locally in Australia to assist stations or support them with any issues they might have.

To find out more about how your station can take advantage of this CBAA / Triton Digital special offer, please email or call CBAA Member Services on [email protected] or 02 9310 2999.

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The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) will provide support over the next four years for the CBAA to support community radio stations to provide Australian audiences with seamless, personalised digital experiences.


The CBAA is pleased to release our 2022-2023 Annual Review and Financial Report. The CBAA’s strategy to support our sector remains fit for purpose - we are dedicated to supporting community broadcasters to be stronger and more successful.


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Community radio listeners are increasingly listening to your radio station in ways other than your FM frequency and DAB+. And with the popularity of on-demand and podcasts, are YOU telling your listeners on-air how to listen to your station?